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a’udhubillahi min ash shaytan ar rajim


Al-Rehman Al-Rahim

Blessing of Halal, and Cooking meals
In just from 15 minutes!

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As an essential service to our community, Freshly Halal remains open and ready to deliver. We are working on delivering to as many members as possible and considering that we are only accepting one-off new orders.Read more

Why order from us?

A fantastic, flexible value halal subscription, delivering you best quality halal food.

“You shall eat from that upon which God's name has been pronounced, if you truly believe in His revelations.” [Quran 6:118]

And eat from the good and lawful things that God has provided for you. You shall reverence God, in whom you are believers.

[Quran 5:88]

Today, all good food is made lawful for you. The food of the people of the scripture is lawful for you, [and your food is lawful for them]...

[Quran 5:5]

How it works?

Eating halal is a righteousness & blessing, and we have made it easier, Alhamdullilah!

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we love delivering halal items in your personally created box is prepped and delivered fresh to your doorstep

Enjoy Meal With FreshlyHalal

Enjoy the blessings

Eating halal is a righteousness & blessing, so we all share and delve in the blessing of Allah with our families & friends.’

No long-term commitment. Skip or cancel at any time!

Offers & Season Specials

We love offers and good deal, alhamdullilah, and sure you do too! So we have lined up some below

Meal Boxes

from£2.98 per serving

Get fresh ingredients for tasty, home-cooked dinners, ready in just from 15 minutes, with easy to follow recipes and perfectly measured ingredients, to enjoy your Dine In experience every day.

Meat Boxes

from£25 per box

A fantastic, flexible value halal meat box subscription with your own choice of meats and cut, and control your spending. Its best way to get once of the finest quality meats.Type a message.

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